MTU Insurance Agency is a full-service insurance brokerage that serves the commercial transportation market.

Our roots began in 1995 when a group of transportation insurance professionals felt they could provide better coverage to large trucking clients by delivering a higher level of safety and claims services specifically designed to meet the needs of fleet accounts, and by risk sharing through a Self-Insured Retention (SIR) program. In 2014, after almost 20 years of providing excellent service to our clients, Motor Transport Underwriters was acquired by Hudson Insurance Company. Underwriting activities remained under Hudson, while safety/risk management and claims were provided by Napa River, and the sales team was branded as MTU Insurance Agency.

MTU Insurance Agency focuses solely on fleets that qualify for an SIR program that may include all or any of the these coverages: Auto Liability, General Liability, Physical Damage and Cargo. Other coverages can be placed as needed, such as worker’s compensation, excess limits, owner-operator programs, etc.

We operate under three main themes: Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration. Rather than simply offering coverage options, our team works to design specific solutions that fit your needs and abilities, both operationally and financially.

Based in Indianapolis, MTU Insurance Agency is a division of Napa River Insurance Services, Inc., a California-domiciled insurance agency.